PE2600 Home Appliance Washing Machine Filter
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PE2600 Home Appliance Washing Machine Filter

Household Applicance Filters

Rated Current: 1~20A


Ditto machine,Washing machines,

Coffee machines,Dishwashers,

Vacuum Clearns,Blender,Microwave Ovens,

Air Conditioners,Vending Machines.

Other White Goods

Home Appliance Specification:

Rated voltage120/250VAC
Rated current1A~20A
Operating frequency50/60Hz
Temperature RangeHPF25/085/21
Test voltage(1min)Line to Line 1450VDC
Line to Ground 2000VAC

Electrical Schematic:

2600 E.jpg

Filter Selection Table:


Rated Current(A)

Rated Voltage(V)

Leakage Current(mA)

Input/Output Connections

PE2600-6-01 6120/250 0.5Faston
PE2600-10-01 10120/250 0.5Faston
PE2600-16-01 16120/250 1Faston
PE2600-20-01 20120/250 1Faston
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